Who We Are


We come together as participants in the web of creation, remembering our sacred interconnection and interdependence with the land, the Divine, with each other and with the first peoples who lived within the watershed. We are a diverse community that lives primarily in and around the Metro DC area and within the Potomac River Watershed. As participants in the web of creation, we seek to be attentive to the Holy in our midst and invite one another to come home to the sacred ecological ground in which we live.


All are welcome and respected at the Wild Earth Spiritual Community gatherings. We are fellow seekers from many faith traditions, recognizing the deep Oneness with the Earth that is foundational to all religions and indigenous spiritualities. We strive to be intergenerational and accessible to all. We welcome children and can offer age-appropriate programming. Please contact us when you'll be attending with children or when accessibility is a concern so that we can be as accommodating as possible.


Our Mission


We gather as a community to honor the Oneness of Divine Mystery, Earth and all Beings. We encourage one another's spiritual path and attentively nurture our own while challenging each other to live and act responsibly on behalf of Earth.


Our community is grounded in the sacred landscape in which it is located. This groundedness guides us to live from a place of deeper compassion, care and gratitude. We understand the enormity of the environmental crisis and it impact on both current and future generations as well as the inordinate burden borne by the marginalized. We challenge members to live lightly on Earth and engage in actions that advocate for Her well-being.